A Note From Terri Rogers

Dear Fellow NOoodlist,

If you're reading this, NOoodle has your attention. You may already be a customer or you may have just learned about the existence of NOoodle. Either way, I thank you for being here.

If you are like me than you love great tasting food. When I learned of the Shirataki noodle during my restauranteur days in 2009, I was puzzled. How could a noodle have no calories or net carbs and no gluten? How could the Japanese have been eating this noodle for centuries and yet Americans have not caught on? These questions, and more, lit a fire that fueled my passion to create a new NOoodle world -- a world where we can eat all the noodles we want, but without the guilt!

I started with the obvious test market, my restaurant. We sold over 200 NOoodle dishes in the first week! I created delicious recipes that were lower in calories, lower in carbs and were gluten free with great taste. My customers loved them! A year later I founded the NOoodle company and became a pioneer of the bagged Shirataki noodle. NOoodle IS the healthy alternative to complex carbs. Please share NOoodle with your loved ones, especially those who are suffering from obesity, diabetes or celiac disease. I promise they will be grateful that you did!

To a New NOoodle world,

Chef Terri


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