• It's your life, use your Nooodle

    97% WATER, 3% PLANT

A simply satisfying wholesome ingredient that provides a delicious nutritious alternative to all people seeking a healthier lifestyle – nothing more!
This amazing superfood, embraced for centuries in Japan, is winning accolades from dietitians, food scientists and a host of renowned culinary chefs who have discovered the secret of the NOoodle™

History of NOoodle
For centuries, noodles derived from yam plants have been embraced by Asian cultures as a high fiber, low calorie dietary staple. Inspired by an on-going commitment to serving healthy cuisine, and in response to a growing customer demand for healthy menu items, restaurant owner and self-taught Chef Terri Rogers, began serving NOoodle™…Read more 

NOoodle™ Products

NOoodle™ is the amazing healthy alternative to pasta. It is zero points on weight watchers and fits into the paleo diet and all other diets. Enjoy eating guilt free!