March 25, 2014


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NOoodle is made of 97% water & 3% soluble fiber also known as Glucomannan fiber. Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Derived from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant, Glucomannan boasts many health and wellness benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Eating NOoodle

  1. Zero calories— the glucomannan in NOoodle contributes no calories and when consumed as part of a meal reduces the net caloric content of the meal.  The calories come from what else one puts on the noodles.
  2. Lowers calorie uptake— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of the gastro-intestinal content and reduces rate of food (calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar) absorption in the small intestine.  The net effect of consuming a meal with NOoodle is that one absorbs less calories from the other foods eaten with it.
  3. Promotes satiety— the glucomannan in NOoodle is made up largely of water which fills one up quickly giving the feeling of satisfaction.  One tends to eat less when NOoodle is part of the meal.
  4. Delays hunger— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of gastro-intestinal content and extends the feeling of fullness so one doesn’t feel hungry for an extended period of time.
  5. Modulates glucose spikes— the glucomannan in NOoodle reduces the rate of glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood glucose from spiking (clinically proven to be more effective than xanthan gum and psyllium).  Stirring in NOoodles into ice cream and parfaits helps one enjoy treats with less absorption of sugar.
  6. Modulates insulin surges— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by slowing glucose uptake in the small intestine, reduces the body’s need for insulin.
  7. Cholesterol reducing agent— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by virtue of its viscosity, traps the cholesterol from foods and also the cholesterol released by the body and prevents it from being re-absorbed.  A meal containing NOoodle in addition to flushing out cholesterol from the GI tract will also contribute to reducing cholesterol in the blood cholesterol.  Cholesterol reduction is further enhanced when glucomannan is combined with other cholesterol reducing agents such as plant sterols and chitosan.
  8. Regularity / laxative effect— glucomannan is a dietary fiber and prevents constipation by increasing bulk in the colon without the discomfort associated with most other dietary fibers.
  9. Anti-inflammatory activity— although the mechanism is still being investigated, the positive effect of glucomannan on skin inflammation is well known among its users.  For centuries NOoodle like products have been part of Eastern traditional medicine.
  10. Prebiotic activity— serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity.  Foods that promote the growth of healthy bacteria have innumerable health benefits for people of all ages and genders.

Send in your "After" pictures so we can pick a winner for the three month NoOodle diet contest

It has been an interesting journey for me to get my health & wellness back on track this year. I started the NoOodle diet on January 1, 2014. We are six days shy of submitting the photos of our backsides to see who has had the most measurable results and who is the winner of the NoOodle diet contest. 


When I illuminated gluten completely my allergies started to get worse. As I have previously shared, In January I had my first anaphylaxis attack. I was told by the ER doctor that I was highly allergic to peanuts. I am forty five years old and have been eating nuts my whole life. It seemed odd to me that I would just be finding out about this deadly allergen to peanuts. I was told by the Dr's to follow up with a food allergist. It took three weeks to get an appointment with this specialist. In the meantime I had another anaphalatix shock when I was traveling in California. Thank goodness I was now carrying my new Epi pen. The shot of adrenaline that will save your life if you have anaphylaxis. This time the attack was quicker. I had my first glass of red wine in two months and as soon as I drank it I started to swell up. No peanuts this time just a glass of locally grown red wine. The ER doctor in California diagnosed me with anaphylaxis I was allergic to Sulfites. Hmmm... I have been drinking wine my entire adult life and never had any problems. 


I finally got to the specialist at the end of february, two months after I completely illuminated gluten from my life. The skin tests showed exactly what they always did. I am highly allergic to most pollen and weeds but the skin tests once again showed no signs of any allergies to any nuts. My doctor also told me that she has never seen anyone who was allergic to sulfites in her career. She followed me up with a blood test that came back negative to a peanut allergy. At this point she diagnosed me with Idiopathic anaphalaxis. This means that their is no good reason why I would go into anaphylaxis shock. After my results came back I did what I normally would do. I called my mom to tell her what the new diagnosis was. She said,  "Terri this is bad. I think you should go back to eating what you normally eat before you went on your diet. Isn't better to be ten pounds overweight and alive than to be skinny and dead?"


Good question that had more reconsider my diet plan.  That day I started to incorporate a bit of gluten back into my diet. I had some crackers with cheese that night. I still have not eaten bread or any kind of sweets made with gluten. Maybe my mom was right? Maybe it is about moderation and perhaps eating gluten in moderation is better for me than not eating gluten at all? I always believed that diet just like life is about moderation. You can't eat a hot fudge sundae every night and expect not to put on the pounds. Maybe it is entirely possible to not have dessert during the week and save that hot fudge sundae for saturday night and still look your best.


 I looking forward to sharing my results of my personal diet plan since January 1st. I never weight myself but I am squeezing into my size 29 jeans. Three months ago I would not have been able to pull them up past my knees.  Please send in your post NoOodle diet picture by the end of this month. Send to 


Chef Terri 


Chef Terri Rodgers
Chef Terri Rodgers


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