February 02, 2014


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NOoodle is made of 97% water & 3% soluble fiber also known as Glucomannan fiber. Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Derived from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant, Glucomannan boasts many health and wellness benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Eating NOoodle

  1. Zero calories— the glucomannan in NOoodle contributes no calories and when consumed as part of a meal reduces the net caloric content of the meal.  The calories come from what else one puts on the noodles.
  2. Lowers calorie uptake— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of the gastro-intestinal content and reduces rate of food (calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar) absorption in the small intestine.  The net effect of consuming a meal with NOoodle is that one absorbs less calories from the other foods eaten with it.
  3. Promotes satiety— the glucomannan in NOoodle is made up largely of water which fills one up quickly giving the feeling of satisfaction.  One tends to eat less when NOoodle is part of the meal.
  4. Delays hunger— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of gastro-intestinal content and extends the feeling of fullness so one doesn’t feel hungry for an extended period of time.
  5. Modulates glucose spikes— the glucomannan in NOoodle reduces the rate of glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood glucose from spiking (clinically proven to be more effective than xanthan gum and psyllium).  Stirring in NOoodles into ice cream and parfaits helps one enjoy treats with less absorption of sugar.
  6. Modulates insulin surges— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by slowing glucose uptake in the small intestine, reduces the body’s need for insulin.
  7. Cholesterol reducing agent— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by virtue of its viscosity, traps the cholesterol from foods and also the cholesterol released by the body and prevents it from being re-absorbed.  A meal containing NOoodle in addition to flushing out cholesterol from the GI tract will also contribute to reducing cholesterol in the blood cholesterol.  Cholesterol reduction is further enhanced when glucomannan is combined with other cholesterol reducing agents such as plant sterols and chitosan.
  8. Regularity / laxative effect— glucomannan is a dietary fiber and prevents constipation by increasing bulk in the colon without the discomfort associated with most other dietary fibers.
  9. Anti-inflammatory activity— although the mechanism is still being investigated, the positive effect of glucomannan on skin inflammation is well known among its users.  For centuries NOoodle like products have been part of Eastern traditional medicine.
  10. Prebiotic activity— serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity.  Foods that promote the growth of healthy bacteria have innumerable health benefits for people of all ages and genders.

The Chicken NoOodle Soup sold out on it’s first appearance on QVC!

Hi Everyone,

If you didn’t tune in on Friday afternoon to QVC I wanted to share  our results. We sold out of the 1300 cases they ordered as a test in sevan minutes. 289 people also ordered into the auto-delivery buying the Chicken NoOodle Soup every 60 days. The sales were a total of $154,320 at retail which it was great for the debut. After our airing on Friday at QVC John and I took a train from Phili to NYC. First stop was to my best friend growing up, Cassie’s house . On the train, I was thinking how hard it would be to stick to my diet when I am in NYC. The temptation will be at it’s peak for me in NYC. The New York bagels, the New York pizza, Zabars which is my favorite food store in NY and on and on and on. We arrived in Penn Station and I immediately realized why I absolutely love NY. It is the new yorkers that I love and who make me feel like I am home. Walking thru Penn Station I saw at least five major displays of public affection. Couples loving each other without a care in the world about who was watching them. We arrived at Cassie and Michaels house on seventy first and Amsterdam. At midnight we went out to get a slice of New York  style pizza. John ordered two slices, one for me and one for him. I didn’t eat it, my desire to stick to my diet was stronger than the urge to cheat with that yummy slice of Pizza. The next morning we went to one of my favorite places, The Luxenberg Cafe. I normally get the egg’s benedict, however, this time I ordered the chicken Pallard ( grilled chicken). It was good and healthy. We spent the day walking up and down amsterdam ave on the upper west side. We stopped into Zabars to pick up a bag of Goodies for my sister Lisa which was our next stop on our weekend in New York. At about 4 we headed to grand central station and took a train to RYE, new york where my sister and her family live. Saturday night they took us out to a fish restaurant called Morgans. They came out with bread, cornbread and butter and I refrained from eating any of it. I also did not have any cocktails at dinner and I stuck to ice water. For dinner I ordered blackened swordfish which was good. For dessert I had a coffee without sugar. This morning I woke up to the unbelievable smell of fresh NY bagels. We had smoked salmon and pickled herring, white fish salad and sliced tomatoes. I did not have any bagels just the fish and the tomatoes. We went to lunch at a cute Japanese restaurant and I had a miso soup and chicken lettuce wraps. Tonight we are headed to a big party for the superbowl. It should be a great time and another temptation for me to drink & eat some of my favorites beer, nachos, chili and chicken wings. YUM!  So far, so good sticking to my gluten free NoOodle diet in my favorite food city in the world… New York.

Cheers to your health & wellness,

Chef Terri

Chef Terri Rodgers
Chef Terri Rodgers


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