January 16, 2014


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NOoodle is made of 97% water & 3% soluble fiber also known as Glucomannan fiber. Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Derived from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant, Glucomannan boasts many health and wellness benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Eating NOoodle

  1. Zero calories— the glucomannan in NOoodle contributes no calories and when consumed as part of a meal reduces the net caloric content of the meal.  The calories come from what else one puts on the noodles.
  2. Lowers calorie uptake— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of the gastro-intestinal content and reduces rate of food (calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar) absorption in the small intestine.  The net effect of consuming a meal with NOoodle is that one absorbs less calories from the other foods eaten with it.
  3. Promotes satiety— the glucomannan in NOoodle is made up largely of water which fills one up quickly giving the feeling of satisfaction.  One tends to eat less when NOoodle is part of the meal.
  4. Delays hunger— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of gastro-intestinal content and extends the feeling of fullness so one doesn’t feel hungry for an extended period of time.
  5. Modulates glucose spikes— the glucomannan in NOoodle reduces the rate of glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood glucose from spiking (clinically proven to be more effective than xanthan gum and psyllium).  Stirring in NOoodles into ice cream and parfaits helps one enjoy treats with less absorption of sugar.
  6. Modulates insulin surges— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by slowing glucose uptake in the small intestine, reduces the body’s need for insulin.
  7. Cholesterol reducing agent— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by virtue of its viscosity, traps the cholesterol from foods and also the cholesterol released by the body and prevents it from being re-absorbed.  A meal containing NOoodle in addition to flushing out cholesterol from the GI tract will also contribute to reducing cholesterol in the blood cholesterol.  Cholesterol reduction is further enhanced when glucomannan is combined with other cholesterol reducing agents such as plant sterols and chitosan.
  8. Regularity / laxative effect— glucomannan is a dietary fiber and prevents constipation by increasing bulk in the colon without the discomfort associated with most other dietary fibers.
  9. Anti-inflammatory activity— although the mechanism is still being investigated, the positive effect of glucomannan on skin inflammation is well known among its users.  For centuries NOoodle like products have been part of Eastern traditional medicine.
  10. Prebiotic activity— serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity.  Foods that promote the growth of healthy bacteria have innumerable health benefits for people of all ages and genders.

My life as an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride, fun & exciting at all times. Wanna get on the ride? Read today’s post.


Yesterday was one of those days at work where everything seemed to go wrong. At five o’clock I was DYING for a Martini or two or ten.  Maybe not ten but you know what I mean. It’s a good thing I got rid of all the alcohol in my house last month because if it was in arms reach, I would have indulged. From about 5-6  last night I was contemplating going out to get something to drink.  Instead, luckily a business partner called and we discussed something on the NoOodle agenda which took my mind off the drink idea. After my call was finished, I grabbed a coconut flavored La Croix and took a bath instead. A great substitute  to alleviate stress. I love baths especially with those mint flavored sea salts that you can buy  in bulk at Whole Foods.

This is what I have come to really love about my life. One day I am up and the next day I am down. I am on a fast paced roller coaster ride called being an entrepreuner.  It wasn’t until 2012 when I was able to embrace the roller coaster ride I had put myself on. I learned that my highs and lows were completely normal.  If I was really going to enjoy this journey, I was going to have to  accept the really scary parts of the ride. My awakening of this happened when I read a symposium from one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferris. He wrote a five minute read called  the “Bi Polar Entreprenuar”.  I highly recommend you taking the time to go to this link and read it. Especially if your are starting your own company or your thinking of starting your own company. It will give you an idea of what is ahead. When I read this I was empowered. It has helped me navigate thru the hard parts of my ride and I believe it  will help you too.

Here is my fun fast & healthier recipe that I just had for lunch, yummy!


Celery Soup with NoOodles 


1 Box Chicken NoOodle meal starter with broth

1 stack of celery chopped cut into little pieces

1/4 onion chopped

1 clove of garlic minced

1 cup of low fat milk

salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients into pot bring to a boil. Then reduce heat to low, simmer for another 30 minutes, serve and enjoy.


Have a great day & remember… ”It’s your life, use your NoOodle”.

Chef Terri

Chef Terri Rodgers
Chef Terri Rodgers




July 16, 2015

Terri,I SO agree with you. When I offer to do something for free, I alwyas, alwyas stress and list everything I do so they completely understand that this isn’t going to happen overnight. Also in the cases where I choose to help someone for free, I’ve started evaluating their situation research-wise, get them to a point, and then list what they need to do next & where to go to find it. Then, I tell them to let me know what they find for curiosity’s sake. Clever, eh? Let them do the work. So far, I’ve had a positive reaction to it. shrugs~C


July 13, 2015

toc5871 Thanks, I loved the Cemetery Research book. I got many comments on it when I would take it to work, they thhgout I was a bit morbid until I explained it to them, then it was cool.I got it off of Amazon for a good price.

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