January 05, 2014


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NOoodle is made of 97% water & 3% soluble fiber also known as Glucomannan fiber. Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Derived from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant, Glucomannan boasts many health and wellness benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Eating NOoodle

  1. Zero calories— the glucomannan in NOoodle contributes no calories and when consumed as part of a meal reduces the net caloric content of the meal.  The calories come from what else one puts on the noodles.
  2. Lowers calorie uptake— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of the gastro-intestinal content and reduces rate of food (calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar) absorption in the small intestine.  The net effect of consuming a meal with NOoodle is that one absorbs less calories from the other foods eaten with it.
  3. Promotes satiety— the glucomannan in NOoodle is made up largely of water which fills one up quickly giving the feeling of satisfaction.  One tends to eat less when NOoodle is part of the meal.
  4. Delays hunger— the glucomannan in NOoodle increases the viscosity of gastro-intestinal content and extends the feeling of fullness so one doesn’t feel hungry for an extended period of time.
  5. Modulates glucose spikes— the glucomannan in NOoodle reduces the rate of glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood glucose from spiking (clinically proven to be more effective than xanthan gum and psyllium).  Stirring in NOoodles into ice cream and parfaits helps one enjoy treats with less absorption of sugar.
  6. Modulates insulin surges— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by slowing glucose uptake in the small intestine, reduces the body’s need for insulin.
  7. Cholesterol reducing agent— the glucomannan in NOoodle, by virtue of its viscosity, traps the cholesterol from foods and also the cholesterol released by the body and prevents it from being re-absorbed.  A meal containing NOoodle in addition to flushing out cholesterol from the GI tract will also contribute to reducing cholesterol in the blood cholesterol.  Cholesterol reduction is further enhanced when glucomannan is combined with other cholesterol reducing agents such as plant sterols and chitosan.
  8. Regularity / laxative effect— glucomannan is a dietary fiber and prevents constipation by increasing bulk in the colon without the discomfort associated with most other dietary fibers.
  9. Anti-inflammatory activity— although the mechanism is still being investigated, the positive effect of glucomannan on skin inflammation is well known among its users.  For centuries NOoodle like products have been part of Eastern traditional medicine.
  10. Prebiotic activity— serves as food for bacteria in the colon and helps enhance immunity.  Foods that promote the growth of healthy bacteria have innumerable health benefits for people of all ages and genders.

My Source of Inspiration to Create a New NoOodle World - YOU!

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. ” Victor Hugo

This is an email that I received today from a fellow NoOodlist that prompted me to write this post. - Chef Terri

Hi Terri,

Thanks again for answering all of my questions the other day. As a hardcore fan of the “old school” original unflavored NoOodle, I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me personally. I can relate a lot to your story, as my weight has probably spanned a 100 pound range throughout my life. I am comfortable with my weight now, but I have been far from it in the past. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat large portions of food, and your NoOodles allow me to do so while staying thin. From the bottom of my heart and stomach, Thank you. I have recomended the plain NoOodles to every Whole Foods store clerk who asks me about them when they see me buying them in bulk each week. Thank you for continuing to make them available, and I look forward to continuing to purchase them at Whole Foods. Best of luck with everything, and enjoy the new year!

Take care, (fellow NoOodlist)

I believe this quote with all my heart & soul, the NoOodle is an idea whose time has come. This knowing has had me persevere & move my company forward thru great odds. Ideas are hard to get off the ground & big ideas are even harded. I am what you would call the “Marco Polo” of the shirataki noodle. I first named it NoOodle because it has so many no’s. I am a lover of people and human interaction so I was blessed to be a pioneer of bringing this product to mainstream American.

As a chef I knew that in order for this to be a HUGE idea I would have to take away the negative attributes of the raw ingredient. It was one thing to cook NoOodles for people at my restaurant and a whole other thing to teach them in the marketplace how to make them taste great themselves. The Shiritaki is a noodle that the Japanese have been eating for centuries for health benefits. When you open the bag the water the noodles sit in has a displeasing odor that most people say smells like fish. However, the smell goes away in the cooking process. I spent the last couple of years doing great sales on QVC with the bagged noodle to eventually get discontinued. Most people couldn’t get over the smell, for some this was easy, for most they just did not want anything to do with them. Not only was the smell an issue, right out of the bag the shirataki noodle had a squid like texture. The Japanese love these types of textures and smells. What was proven out on QVC, most Americans do not. For every 5 stars we got 2 -1 stars with comments like, ” gross, disgusting, smells like rotten fish, smells like the sea, would never buy again”. I knew I had to get rid of the smell and change the texture, but how?

I finally figured out a way thru an additional process in the factory and the results are our new & improved product line. Today there are several brands of the bagged noodle that people know as “Shirataki”. Some of the brands you may have heard of are quest pasta, miracle noodle, pasta slim, pasta zero, and hungry girls tofu shirataki (although this has tofu added it still carries the same negative smell and texture). All of these different brands of the bagged noodles carry the same smell & texture that so many of our customers did not like.

Our new meal starter NoOodles sit in a lightly flavored broth. They are designed to drain off the chicken broth or the tomato broth. Your left with a softer texture ready to eat pasta alternative that you can mix into any pasta and noodle recipe that smells great out of the box. We are also using tetra pac boxes that are recyclable and shelf stable for up to two years. For those of you who purchased the bagged NoOodle and are fans of this product you can still find them at Wegmans Whole Foods, Meier, and all other stores that currently carry them.

With the launch of our new & improved website & product line we wanted a fresh start. We didn’t want any new customers to buy the bagged product and not have an enjoyable experience. Today our products are different & unique than anything on the market, we have no competition which makes NoOodle the first to market mover on value added products made with the shirataki. Also we did not want our brand to get confused with all the other bagged shirataki products on the market today that still contain the off putting smell & texture. I try to take the time to email & talk with as many customers as I can. The thousands of emails and letters I have received of gratitude and your stories of tremendous weight loss have been awesome to read. The moms out their who love NoOodle cause their kids have celiac disease or those kids who have diabetes. I created this company for you and the NoOodle exists today because of you. To be able to help many people is a great and powerful thing and I thank you, our first to market adapters.

You guys have inspired my life in a positive way.

Chef Terri Rodgers
Chef Terri Rodgers


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